I. is an travel guide to explore information about Indian and International tourist destinations along with attractive tour packages, travel agents and other travel services. This portal offers complete information about world famous tourist detonations and opportunity to get attractive deals for all travel related services.

II. How KAS Adventure is helpful for tourist?

KAS Adventure is helpful for visitors in a number of ways. The major benefits KASAdventure offers to its visitor are coverage to wide ranging travel destinations, easy browsing, 24X7 online support, availability of competitive hotel packages, and many other useful services.

III. How to find out proper destination for my tour?

In order to find out tour destination of your choice, you simply need to select desired Continent or Tour by Theme. The systematic arrangement of destinations, at, will take you to the most relevant destination in a hassle free manner.

IV. How to find best tour packages?

At, you can find exclusive tour packages for assorted travel destinations. So as to find the best tour package, either you need to post your requirement on the portal with specific details about tour destination OR find the same through search option OR search popular tour packages by theme.

Refund Buy Lead Policy

Request for refund of Travel Leads can only be on account of non-contactable contact details and needs to be brought in notice within 5 days (IST) of purchase,failing which the request would not be entertained. No refund requests owing to cancelled or fulfilled leads would be entertained as these are beyond the scope of the Site, since we have no role in monitoring the deal finalization, transactionsor preferences of the Traveller.

You can request for refund of Travel Leads through the Purchased History Section of your My Folder. The refund option would be available, against each travel lead, in the first 5 days post Lead Purchase. The refund link would not be available after the 5 days lapse. Also, the link would be not available in case you have already opted for refund of up to 25% of your assigned lead quota after which no refund requests would be entertained on any ground.

The refund request cannot exceed 25% of the assigned travel lead quota and the refund option would be inaccessible once the limit is exceeded irrespective of the reason cited for refund.

Security Tips

Making payment through Credit Cards is absolutely safe on our websites. This is the safest and the most trustworthy way to make online transactions. Additionally, there is Zero Scope of Hacking of credit card information on our websites, as we do not store such information with us.

Whenever moving for online purchases, you should check the little ‘Lock’ icon on the bottom of your web browser. This icon indicates that your personal information will be kept confidential and protected by secure encryption while the same is sent over the internet. As an alternative, you can also check this by moving you cursor on web page and clicking the right-click button of mouse and selecting the ‘Properties’ from menu. And now, if the web address starts with “https” where an ‘s’ denotes a secure web server, then it is safe for online purchases