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KAS Adventures

(KAS) Khem Adventure Sports is Camping Site located in Tirthan Valley on the shores Tirthan River, the place is known as Deori. KAS name is originated in the memory of Khem Chand Sharma who passed away 5-years back. His dream was to acknowledge valley for it's our traditional culture and valley tourism attraction.

The main motive of opening KAS is to introduce the valley's Natural richness of Wildlife, Crystal clear tirthan river and robust trout fish . This camping site is full of natural lavishness, mountains and adventure . Main motive of KAS is to let tourist's feel the natural abundance of valley and enjoy adventure activities and attain peace of mind. This site is professionally equipped with Alpine tents and for dinning we provide a restaurant and we have hygenic washrooms.

Facilities-: KAS provides professional tents like A-shape (alpine tents) and canvas tents. Fishing rods for trout fishing. Hygenic washrooms. Restaurant for dinning which provides healthy food and beverages. Sleeping bags and bedding is also provided. Trekking facility which is curated by experienced authorised trekkers for all types of treks. Evening Bone fire in open area with silent music is provided to enjoy your vacations.

Activities-: Outdoors activities like river crossing, rock climbing, catch & release fishing and raplling etc. Indoors activities within campus such as volley ball, badminton , chess and carom and any other activities.

Camping and Trekking: Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stay in outdoor under the shadow of Nature, such as a tent. Generally travellers leave developed areas to spend time with mother natural in pursuit of activities providing them soul soothing experience they feel more connected to themselves & loved ones. To state it as "camping" a minimum of one night is spent outdoors, distinguishing it from day-tripping, picnick, and other similar short-term recreational activities. Camping can be enjoyed in all four seasons. Camping as a recreational activity became popular among elites in the early 21th century. With time, it grew up a famous adveture activity. Modern campers are frequent visitors of natural resources such as national and state parks, wilderness areas, and commercial campgrounds. Camping is a key part of various youth organizations across the globe, such as Scouting which use it to teach both self-reliance and teamwork.

Trekking: "Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively untouchabe wilderness with conserved natural flora & fauna. The mighty mountain ranges are some of the most beautiful and interesting areas of the world to visit. As they are often not served by roads, they can also be the most remote and difficult places to reach and the only real way to see them is by hiking. For some people the trekking may be an end in itself, for others it is a means to enjoy the magnificent panoramas and often the peoples of the mountains with their culture, traditions and religions provide an equal interest to the scenery.

Adventure activities: An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically bold, sometimes risky, but joyful & Heartbeating increasing activity. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating

Outdoor activities: Outdoor recreation or outdoor activity refers to leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors, often in natural or semi-natural settings out of town. When the recreation involves excitement, physical challenge, or risk, such as in rappling, zip-line river crossing, rafting or climbing, it is sometimes referred to as adventure recreation.

Indoor activities: Indoor activities are those which are performed within campus like Hand-ball, Basket-ball ,cricket ,Volley-ball and Chess , Badminton etc.